Red Tent Gatherings

Red Tent Gatherings give us space to connect with other women, share our stories and celebrate and honor our journeys as women.

Enjoy an evening of community, food and fun.
Please bring food and/or drink to share.
If you need a chair please feel free to bring one (a camping chair works well), or bring enough cushions and pillows to make yourself a cozy nest on the floor.

Red Tent Gatherings are held every second Saturday of the month.

View the Facebook event page by clicking here.

Red Tent Gatherings are funded by donations. Suggested donation: $10.00.
Open to women only (or those whom identify as women)!

The Book

The Red Tent is a novel by Anita Diamant that retells the biblical story of the rape of Dinah (Genesis 34) from her point of view.  In her book, Diamant not only gives a voice to Dinah and the other women of that time period, she also gives them a “menstrual hut” where women gather to menstruate and give birth.  This idea has struck a cord with today’s modern women, leading to the creation of “Red Tents” in their own communities.

The Movement

Although the original function had to do with women gathering together following pregnancy and during menstruation, the contemporary practice is a Sacred Space where women gather to honor all stages of womanhood.  Red Tents are welcoming and safe spaces where women can take care of themselves and each other, promote women’s conversations and hold workshops or educational events for women, by women.  The Red Tent Movement is rooted in women’s spirituality and as such is not associated with any particular religion.

The Women

The Red Tent is for women of all ages, ethnicities and religious backgrounds.  Women who are no longer cycling are needed here to make our circles whole. Women who no longer have wombs are welcome, as you have your own unique stories to add as well. Young women are welcome if they have begun their moon cycles.  Please be aware that there may be topics discussed that are very sensitive in nature, and we need to be able to speak freely among ourselves as women. For this reason, minors will need a guardian’s consent in order to be present.

The Gathering

In today’s hectic, modern lives, we rarely find the opportunity to connect deeply with other women.  The Red Tent gives us a place to do just that.  The Red Tent is a casual, nurturing get together where women can discuss women’s issues, share our stories, support each other’s journeys, and celebrate being women.  Please join us as we come together to rest, renew, and reshape our relationships with our community of women.