Qoya is based on a simple idea that through movement, we remember.

In Qoya, we remember that at our core essence we are Wise, Wild and Free. Wise calls upon the wisdom of yoga, Wild encourages creative expression in dance and Free invites us to expand our capacity for sensual pleasure in the body. We focus less on how it looks and more on how it feels. When it feels good, you know you are doing it right! Read mover about what feminine movement is on our blog by clicking here!

In Qoya we remember, as women, that our essence is wise, wild and free. 

Qoya is….

Qoya means Queen in Quechuan, an indigenous language used by the shamans in the Andean region of South America. A Qoya is not an emotionally distant, bejeweled figure who holds a position of inherited power, but a female manifestation of higher consciousness.  The image of a Queen also embodies the vision of empowered women confidently seated on the throne of their lives, feeling wise, wild, and free.

Qoya classes are a playful, soulful and sensual workout for women of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Each class will have you moving, stretching, sweating and connecting from the heart. Each Qoya class has a unique theme includes 13 core components, which you can read about here. We begin by inviting each woman to set her own intention for that class, and then start moving to a soundtrack that will inspire both your body and soul.

…Wise, Wild and Free

Wise: There exists a wellspring of wisdom in all of us. Through yoga and movement, your body provides one of the easiest ways to access your own inner wisdom.

Wild: Dance offers an opportunity to wildly liberate oneself from the habits and expectations of our body to find more connected and creative ways to move in a feminine body.

Free: Sensual movement gives us permission to slow down, to indulge in circular, swirling, non-linear movement. To move sensually is to sway from side to side, to roll around on the floor, to circle your hips and feel the freedom of your own body.