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Feminine Movement ~ Body Positivity ~ Community

Who We Are:

Sacred Movement offers a variety of feminine movement classes to mindfully move your body and deeply connect you with your intuition. Sacred Movement is not just a fitness center, it’s a community of women that move, play, laugh, cry, grow and heal together. Come join us and discover the movement of the feminine!

Our Mission:

At Sacred Movement, our mission is to hold space for women to remember their wild feminine nature, to facilitate self healing through sacred movement and to build an empowered and conscious community of women and girls. We believe that we can “dance our prayers”, “to sweat is to pray” and “movement is medicine”.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this space for women only?

    Yes, unless otherwise stated, classes and events are for women only.

  • Can I bring my children with me?

    We know you love your babies, and we love kiddos too! But please leave the little ones at home. This time is for YOU.

  • What is feminine movement?

    Feminine movement is a holistic approach to exercise, meaning it treats you as a whole person: body, mind and spirit. The workouts tone your body while transforming your mind, leaving you relaxed, energized grounded in your feminine nature. The common characteristics of feminine movement are:

    • Round, circular movements
    • Movement of the chest and hips
    • Connection of movement to breath
    • Sensual (of the senses)
    • Focus is on how it feels instead of how it looks

    To read more about Feminine Movement, click here.

  • Why is feminine movement important for women?

    Women spend a lot of time living in their thoughts and their emotions. Feminine movement reconnects us with our bodies. Since our intuition lives in our bodies, when we take the time to tune in, we turn up the volume on our intuition. When we are able to hear our intuition we are able to make healthier choices in every area of our lives. ​