Belly Dance Classes - American Tribal Style

At Sacred Movement, we offer a variety of belly dance classes and workshops for beginning dancers and seasoned performers alike. No previous dance experience is necessary. Our fun classes celebrate the female form in all of its beautiful shapes, sizes, ages (16+) and abilities.  We strive to inspire positive personal image and promote self discovery in a welcoming and supportive community of women.

American Tribal Style® belly dance has a unique vocabulary of elegant movements, steps and cues, danced in duet, trio or quartet formations. This beautiful dance form teaches you to tune into the voice of your feminine body and communicate with other women through the ancient art of belly dance. In Sacred Movement’s ATS® classes, you will take turns “talking and listening” to create a visual conversation that is as powerful to watch as it is to create.

American Tribal Style® (ATS®) Belly Dance is a colorful blend of traditional Middle Eastern, Flamenco and classical Indian dance, created by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman, Director of FatChance BellyDance in San Francisco, California. This unique form of belly dance is known for its playful improvisational style and beautiful tribal costumes and jewelry.

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Our belly dance classes are taught in six week sessions. A new session begins every six weeks.

Our next session begins February 20, 2018.

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Observe a class!

You are always welcome to observe a class; if you’ve never taken a belly dance class and want to see what we’re about, check out Level 1: ATS® Dance Fundamentals Drill It & Dance It!

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Belly Dance Level 1: ATS® Fundamentals- Drill It and Dance It!
In this entry level session, you’ll learn the basic system of ATS® in a fun and supportive environment. Dance Fundamentals will have you dancing in your very first class! Each one-hour class is divided into two sections:
Drill It! – Learn the basic movements of ATS® with minimal verbal instruction and lots of following along, committing the steps to muscle memory with fun workout-style drills.
Dance It! – Experience the magic of ATS® and learn how to use the basic steps to dance with partners in duet, trio and quartet formations.Class is held in 6 week sessions.


Belly Dance Level 2: ATS® Tribal Combinations
You must take AT LEAST 6 weeks of Level 1: ATS® Fundamentals before enrolling in this class.
In this level 2 class, you will expand your ATS® vocabulary and learn how to build on the basic movements to make dance combinations. Learn a new step each week and challenge yourself with teacher-guided combinations in duet, trio and quartet formations.


Belly Dance Level 3: Improv Choreography
*Instructor approval required before enrolling in this class.
Deepen your ATS® vocabulary, refine your technique, and learn advanced concepts. We’ll present a different advanced step or concept each week, so pack your dance bag and be ready for a challenge!